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  • The basis of car insurance is the compulsory civil liability. This covers material and physical damage that you may cause to third parties as the driver of a motor vehicle. This insurance is usually offered with legal assistance guarantee.

    An extension of the above coverage is comprehensive insurance. The first option is a small comprehensive. This covers damage to the vehicle that is not necessarily caused by a collision. Examples of incidents covered by this guarantee include fire, theft, natural disasters, glass breakage and collisions with animals. 

    The next option is a full comprehensive. The coverage of a small comprehensive is extended to cover vandalism and vehicle damage due to collision. Damage to your vehicle will be reimbursed or the value of your vehicle will be refunded if the vehicle is beyond repair, under the terms of your insurance policy. The material damage to your vehicle that cannot be recovered from a liable third party is compensated by this full comprehensive.

    Additional extensions are possible: driver insurance, towing, and breakdown assistance with replacement vehicle, if needed, throughout Europe. 

    We offer diplomatic conditions for employees of European Institutions, Embassies/Consulates, NATO, and SHAPE personnel.

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  • The basis of a motorcycle- and moped insurance is compulsory civil liability. This covers both material and physical damage that you cause to third parties as the driver of a motor vehicle. This insurance is usually offered with the legal assistance guarantee.


  • This insurance is a must for both owners and tenants of any type of home or apartment. Note that this is required by law in some regions, as well as in the majority of rental agreements. We recommend that you protect yourself against the financial consequences of possible damage. Damage to your home can be caused by fire, storm, hail, water, broken glass, natural disasters, etc. Often people only think of insuring the building itself. But it is also important to cover your personal belongings and rental liability. At SAVE Insurance, we always include basic legal assistance in our policies.

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  • A theft insurance would be a perfect supplement to your home insurance. This way you insure all your personal belongings in the event of theft and attempted theft. Theft insurance protects you against a financial loss after a traumatic experience such as a home burglary. Additionally, you are also insured in the event of theft outside the home with violence.
  • Insure all your valuable possessions against possible damage. SAVE Insurance offers efficient and tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs. In addition, we offer the option of extending your policy with all-risk coverage.

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  • A third-party liability insurance covers material and physical damage to third parties caused by your family. This insurance also includes damage to third parties caused by temporary guests staying in your home. You, all family members and your pets are covered under this insurance. The policy is always extended with the legal assistance guarantee and provides worldwide coverage.
  • Choose a temporary or annual solution to cover travel inconveniences. Protect yourself against the financial consequences of medical costs abroad, repatriation in case of illness or accident, or the possible early return due to the death or hospitalization of a relative in Belgium. Insure yourself against cancellation, possible travel interruption, and issues related to your luggage.
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  • It goes without saying that your health is priceless. Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of hospitalization or serious illness. Choose a suitable supplement to your legally required health insurance or opt for treatment anywhere in the world and choose an international medical insurance.
  • If you employ domestic help, you are legally obliged to insure these individuals.
    This insurance provides the following guarantees: medical costs, temporary or permanent incapacity to work, death, and funerary costs.

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